Blood Thinners And Procedures

Did you know different blood thinners require different amounts of time to hold before a procedure?  Plavix, (clopidogrel) should be held for 7 full days before injections in your spine area, but Xarelto (rivaroxaban) should be held for only 3 days before an injection in your spine area.  And this depends on kidney and liver function.  If you are taking any blood thinners or medicines that can thin your blood, please make sure to hold them the appropriate amount of time before a procedure….otherwise, we may not be able to perform your injection.  Any questions, just ask!
It is a national standard to require a driver to drive you home after a procedure.  Dr. Moran follows these standards to ensure the safety of you and everyone on the roads driving.  Even if you choose not to have sedation, a driver is required because you can have weakness in your arms or legs after a procedure, and we wouldn’t want you driving in these situations.  In very rare situations, Dr. Moran will agree to do an injection and allow a patient to drive themselves home, but the patient will sign a consent saying they accept all risks and responsibilities, they will be required to provide their car keys and wait for over one hour, Dr. Moran will have to examine the patient before being released,  if you have any weakness you will not be released and may still need a driver, and the patient accepts and fully understands this is against Dr. Morans medical advice.  Dr. Moran puts the safety of his patients and the community first.  It is much easier to simply find a driver.

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