Candidates For A Spinal Cord Stimulation Trial

Are you wondering if you would be a good candidate for a spinal cord stimulation?

This is usually twofold:  the things you have tried before to treat your pain and your insurance company.  If you have tried conservative things, OTC meds, prescription meds, injections, and/or surgery, and still have pain, then you would be a good candidate for the trial.  Just like you don’t decide about buying a car without test driving it, you should not decide on an SCS implant until you have tried it.

This is what the trial is for, to test drive the SCS technology and see if you get good benefit.

Next, check with your insurance company, many have requirements for you to determine if you can have an SCS trial.  Finally, realize the SCS technology works better for nerve pain than other types of pain.

Talk to your doctor about what kind of pain you have and if you may be a good candidate for a spinal cord stimulation trial.

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