We’re Open!

Effective 4/22/20, Dr. Moran will be seeing patients again in the clinic.
We are trying to maximize your safety and minimize your risk of infection!
Please read:
  • We are trying to minimize the risks of CV19:  Have you or anyone close to you been diagnosed with CV19, had a fever, cough, shortness of breath,  been to an airport, hospital, or high-risk area or traveled outside Texas in the last 14 days?   (should be NO to continue)
  • Are you at risk for infection due to medicines (cancer meds, rheumatology meds, steroids,  etc), medical problems (UC, radiation, h/o transplant, HIV, RA, Cancer, IBD, MS, DM-1, psoriasis, lupus, etc)  or other factors (age > 65)  that predispose you to weakened immune system?  (should be NO to continue)
  • You may or may not be getting a procedure that involves steroids.  Do you realize steroids will weaken your immune system, which can make it easier for you to get infections such as CV19?  (should be YES to continue)
  • Do you realize your procedure is voluntary; and if you have any concerns about your health, risk of infection, of anything otherwise concerning, we can reschedule your procedure for a later date? (should be YES to continue)
  • Current CDC guidelines recommend everyone wear a face mask when going into public.  Do you have a mask to wear or something to cover your nose and mouth as this is required?  (should be YES to continue)
We understand many things are new or unusual if you have any questions, just call to get help 210-546-1470.

Getting Refills During Covid-19: Video And Audio Requirements

covid 19 narcotic refills

The Texas Medical Board requires video and audio telemedicine visits where patients are wanting or needing narcotic refills. If you don’t have video and audio options on a computer or phone, we will not be able to refill any narcotics.

Dr. Moran does not agree with this decision but has no choice but to follow this rule. 

Please contact us with any questions.  We are happy to help.