There are many types of pain and conditions underlying the cause. The sensation of pain is communicated between your nerves, spinal cord, and brain. Since everyone feels pain differently, it can be difficult to describe. To further complicate matters, the human body is capable of experiencing more than one type of pain at a time. In addition, if you have nerve damage (neuropathic pain) the brain may not be receiving correct information about the source problem. In a nutshell, pain is complicated. We are experts at managing pain and helping you take back control of your life!

Inflammatory or Degenerative Pain

Head and Neck:  migraines, bulging discs, neck arthritis, narrowing around the nerves in the neck (stenosis), facet joint arthritis, stenosis, spinal stenosis, occipital neuralgia, neck pain after surgery in the neck, muscle spasms, CRPS, shingles pain, vertebral fracture pain

Upper Extremity:  pain down the arms (radicular pain), shoulder pain and arthritis, shoulder bursitis

Lower Extremity:  pain down the legs (radicular pain), pain in the hips, knee arthritis, hip bursitis, tailbone pain, muscle spasms, pain in hips/knees/ankles after surgery, pain from hernia repair, CRPS, nerve pain from diabetes (neuropathy), shingles pain, vertebral fracture pain

Whiplash injuries, sports injuries, failed back surgery and other post- surgical pain.

Nerve Pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Postherpetic Neuralgia

Peripheral Neuralgia

Nerve Injuries

Phantom Limb Pain

Other Conditions

Vascular Pain

Post Dural Puncture


Diabetic Pain

Spinal Canal Stenosis

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

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