Giving Injections Another Go

I already tried injections and they didn’t work.  Should I try injections again?

This is a common question. It is very similar to saying “I tried a new cell phone two years ago…why should I get a new one?  The answer: things change!  And just like phones, there are many different types of injections to consider relative to where they go, what meds are used, and the approach used to do them.  If you get an injection in the wrong place, you won’t get much benefit. This does not mean the injection failed as much as it means there are most likely other locations causing your pain that need to be addressed.  Furthermore, realize insurance companies will only let us address one thing at a time.  We have to chip away at your pain.  Much like if your car has a dead battery and is out of gas.  If I give you a new battery, your car is better, but you can’t get benefits from the new battery as you still need gas! Always discuss your lack of benefits from injections with your doctor so they can see if anything else needs to be addressed.

How do you know where to put the injection?

This is based on your symptoms, exam, imaging, and discussion about your pain.  You should make sure your pain management doctor does an exam, reviews your symptoms, and reviews your diagnostic studies before doing any procedures to optimize the potential of the procedure and your benefit.

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