Medicines And Their Side Effects: How to Know When to Change

This depends on the severity of the side effect.  For example, If you start to have swelling in your throat, you should stop immediately and seek physician evaluation as we don’t want the swelling to affect your breathing.  On the other hand, if you start to notice some mild nausea or sedation that is not very bothersome, it’s probably okay to continue your medicine and simply monitor for progressing symptoms.  Many medicine side effects will improve after 24-48 hrs.  If you can make it through the mild side effects, you might find the side effects go away and then you only have the benefit.  Just communicate with us so we can follow up and monitor as well.

Options Aside from Narcotics

There are many non-narcotic options to help with the pain.  Basically, you can take muscle relaxants to help with muscle spasms; or anti-inflammatory meds to help with inflammation or arthritis pain, or nerve-calming medicines to help with nerve pain.  Just because you don’t want narcotics does not mean we can’t provide medicines.

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