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Dr. Moran is always trying to help his community and his patients.  In 2015 he Co-founded a genetics lab that is currently known as Geneus Health.  By analyzing DNA, Geneus Health can offer personalized medical treatments specific to you instead of a guess about what’s best for you.  Geneus Health also has national and international patents for addiction genetics, where we can find out what substances you are genetically predicted to have addiction concerns such as alcohol and narcotics. As a pain physician and business helping to fight the narcotic epidemic throughout the world, Dr. Moran and Geneus Health can provide tremendous help and direction in solving this global challenge.

Dr. Moran continues looking for ways to help his patients and community.  In 2016 he co-founded Kalypso Wellness Centers which offers Ketamine infusions.  Kalypso ketamine infusions are treating patients suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, PSTD, and many other diseases. 

In February 2020, Kalypso has done over 7500 ketamine infusions across the US with sites in the Woodlands, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Beaumont, Austin, New York, and Pennsylvania.  More locations are being added frequently!  Dr. Moran and Kalypso founders frequently do talks to help educate the communities about the benefits of ketamine.  If you or your organization want to learn more about treating depression, PTSD, pain, or how ketamine works, please contact us. We are happy to come to you and discuss options free of charge.

Toast Masters is an international non-profit business that helps teach public speaking. Dr. Moran has been a member since 2017 and goes to his children’s high school weekly each fall to hold Toast Masters meetings for the students and helps teach them about public speaking, interviewing skills, and presentation techniques.

Dr. Moran has been selected to join Leadership SA class of  2020.  Every year since 1975, Leadership SA has selected about 50 applicants from hundreds of CEOs, presidents, and community leaders to learn how San Antonio works.  Subjects addressed include SA  infrastructure, economic development plans, homelessness and charity, military lives and challenges, healthcare, and how we as a community can help each other. Dr. Moran is honored to be included in such a select group and worthy cause.

He is also the president of CPM, or Consultants in Pain Medicine which has been treating chronic pain for over 25 years.  CPM has six physician partners,  with four more non-partner physicians, 10 mid-level practitioners, and over 160 staff members all dedicated to helping maximize pain relief.  Dr. Moran has been the sitting president of CPM since 2016.  If one of his partner’s sites is more convenient for you, give them a call, all of the physicians at CPM are excellent and happy to help you with your pain.

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