Promoting Precision Addiction Management (PAM) to Combat the Global Opioid Crisis.

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Insurance Companies Fighting the Peer Review Empire without any Validity: the Case for Addiction and Pain Modalities in the face of an American Drug Epidemic.

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Hypothesizing the Coupling of DNA-Guided Precision, Pro-Dopamine Regulation (KB220) with Pharmaceutical Opioid Analgesic Agents to Mitigate Hypodopminergia- Induced Hyperalgesia: the Induction of Transmodulation of Dopaminergic Signaling

Raymond Brewer, MD, Abdalla Bowirrat, MD., PhD., Edward J. Modestino, Ph.D., Thomas McLaughlin, MD., PhD, David Baron, DO, Mark Moran, MD, Sampada Badgaiyan, MD., Rajendra D. Badgaiyan, MD, David Siwickie, MD, Brent Boyett6, DO., Stephen M.Taylor, MD., Eric R. Braverman, MD., Kenneth Blum,* PhD

EC Psychology & Psychiatry; Perspective Invited

High genetic addiction risk score (GARS) in chronically prescribed severe chronic opioid probands attending multi-pain clinics: an open clinical pilot trial

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Molecular Neurobiology; pending publication

Epigenetic trait evidence for hyperdopaminergic (surfeit) during brain development and genetic state evidence for hypodopaminergia (deficit) in adolescents: nutrigenomic solutions

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Rapid Anti-Depressant Relief by Ketamine: Exploring A Complex Mechanism of Action

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Precision Behavioral Management (PBM) a Novel Genetically Guided Therapy to Combat Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS)

K. Blum, A K. Roy III, A. Podesta, E.J., Modestino, B. Steinberg,  M.C. Gondré -Lewis, D. Baron, P.K, Thanos, L.Lott, J. ValdezPonc, B. Boyett, D. Siwicki, M. Moran, I. Elman, D. Edwards, T. McLaughlin, E.R. Braverman, T. Simpatico, M. Hauser, B.W. Downs, R.D. Badgaiyan
Book Chapter-Cambridge Handbook on SUD and Behavioral Addictions.

Insurance Companies Fighting the Peer Review Empire without any Validity: the Case for Addiction and Pain Modalities in the face of an American Drug Epidemic

K. Blum, W. Jacobs, E.J. Modestino, N. DiNubile, D. Baron, T. McLaughlin, D. Siwicki, I. Elman, M. Moran, E. R. Braverman, P. K. Thanos, R. D. Badgaiyan
SEJ Surg Pain. 2018 Oct 4; 1(1): 1–11.

Promoting Precision Addiction Management (PAM) to Combat the Global Opioid Crisis

Kenneth Blum, Edward J Modestino, Jennifer Neary, Marjorie C Gondré-Lewis, David Siwicki, Mark Moran, Mary Hauser, Eric R Braverman, David Baron, Bruce Steinberg, Thomas Mc Laughlin, Rajendra D Badgaiyan
Biomed J Sci Tech Res. 2018 Jan 7; 2(2): 1–4.

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