weekly exercise goals

Weekly Exercise Goals Are 150 Minutes/Week

Did you know the current recommendations for weekly exercise goals are 150 minutes/week of “sweating exercise”?  Exercise can decrease chances of multiple cancers, prolong lives, decrease depression and anxiety, improve sleep, energy, and memory, help control weight, help manage blood sugar and insulin levels, help quit smoking, strengthen your bones and muscles, decrease your risks of falling, and improve sexual health??  And decrease pain!  Who doesn’t want any of these??!!!  Give yourself the best gift ever and start an exercise program.  Even starting with 5 minutes of walking daily is a start!  Every journey starts with one step….take your first step today and finds the benefits of a happier, healthier life!  Ask us if you have any questions.
 Many insurances will require you to try therapy before approving other options such as injections, medicines, or MRI/CTs.  Even if you go a couple of weeks to learn the techniques, you can continue these at home and maximize your chances of obtaining benefits from your pain.  Many times the pain can be drastically reduced or even cured with therapy.

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