Why Decadron Is Our Drug of Choice

Many people ask me injections.  And just like there are hundreds of ways to make a pizza, there are hundreds of ways to do injections! 

Variables include:

 -The approach or direction of the injection

-The technique or how the physician performs the procedure

-The mixture of medicines in the injection

-The local anesthetic used

-The volume of injection meds

-The imaging technique or the way the x-ray machine is used

 -The type of injection (we have already learned there are over 85 different injections just in the low back)

– And the choice of steroid 

In considering our choice of steroids, we prioritize patient safety over everything else.  Therefore, the steroid we routinely use is decadron, also called dexamethasone. 

There are many different types of steroids, each with its own characteristics.  Some last longer than others, some are safer than others, some are faster acting, some are cheaper, and they have different sizes.  Decadron is very small and non-particulate.  Therefore, it can be used IV, or injected directly into a vein, and not cause any problems, making decadron one of the very safest steroids to use during injections. Furthermore, it is one of the longest acting steroids, maximizing the benefit for the patient.  
When you are considering steroid injections, make sure you discuss with your physician their choice for which steroid they use and why.  Empower yourself with knowledge.  

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