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Your Options for Lower Back Pain

If you are experiencing lower back pain, there are many different procedures that can be considered.

Just in the lumbar spine, not counting any muscles, bursas, vertebral bodies, or many other things, there are over 85 different types of procedures for the low back!  Make sure your doctor considers all of these and makes the best decision for you to treat your pain.

Considering just the low back spine:

Lumbar facet injections- 5 each side or 10

Interlaminar Epidural steroid injections: 5

Transforaminal Epidural steroid injections:  5 each side or 10

Diagnostic medial branch blocks:  5 each side or 10

Radiofrequency:  5 each side or 10

Selective nerve root blocks:  5 each side or 10

Discogram:  5 levels

Lumbar/Thoracic SCS trial/placement:  2

Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation:  5 each side:  10

SI joint injections: one each side or 2

SI joint diagnostic blocks:  2 sides

SI joint radiofrequency:  2 sides

Sacral Dorsal Root Ganglion stimulation: 2 each side:  4

Hip steroid injections:  2 sides

Sacrococcygeal joint injections:  1

Celiac Plexus Block:  1

Lumbar sympathetic Block: 1

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