how much Tylenol to take

Maximum Daily Dose of Tylenol

Did you know the maximum daily dose of Tylenol is 4000 mg/day?  The maximum dose of ibuprofen (Advil) is 3200 mg.  But these are in patients with no other medical concerns such as kidney disease, liver disease, or GI concerns.  Ask us!  We are happy to help.
All short-acting narcotics should only be taken “PRN” which means as needed.  You should only take your narcotics as needed by your pain, never on a set schedule such as every morning, every lunch, every dinner and every night before bed.  If you’re doing better from therapy, non-narcotics, interventions, or other causes, you may not need your narcotics….so don’t take them.  There is much research showing long term narcotics make your situation worse.  You should strive to always try to get off of narcotics or decrease your requirements.

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